Our mission

Helping Pro athletes, active adults and people with chronic pain to achieve BALANCE, or Homeostatis, with CBD Products that activate your body's natural healing responses
Now legal in ALL 50 states!

Ways to take CBD

There are many ways to use CBD products.
The most common forms are:
TOPICAL CREAMS, applied topically, are absorbed through the skin and require liberal application and target a specific area
OIL TINCTURES, taken orally, absorbs into your bloodstream sublingually, under your tongue
EDIBLES and SUPPLEMENTS, which are ingested and absorbed through your digestive tract. Fatty foods and metabolism effect how quickly this method absorbs.
VAPING, or smoking means inhaling the CBD flower from the hemp plant which typically can contain small amounts of THC and absorbs through your lungs. This is the fastest method.

Safe and Medicinal healing properties

One of our most popular items. Perfect for everyday use. Exceptional quality and choice.

NO known side effects
NO way to overdose*
NO chance of addiction

Works with your own body's natural systems

Full of antioxidants with cancer fighting and anti-aging properties. Enhances your body's response to damaged cells and increases proliferation!

Prep and Recover Faster

Prepare and Recover from major workouts or activity with CBD! Targets and repairs muscles and overall system balance so you can perform at your peak and recover with less pain and shorter down time!